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About Healing Sites Network, LLC and our domains

Healing Sites Network, LLC offers a hand-picked selection of the best health and medical domain names and developed sites for sale.  The right domain name is critical for a business today. We sell premium health and medical domains.  Most of these domains are one- and two-word health domains that will add value to your Online enterprise. 

Before purchasing a domain for resale we search trademark databases to ascertain that no trademark is being infringed upon. If you believe that any of these domains infringe upon a trademark that you own, please email us with details about your trademark registration. Many of these domains were previously developed and have traffic. Some of the names with residual traffic are still listed in search engines and directories, which adds to their value (especially since many directories now charge for commercial listings.)

The prices listed are fixed prices that will result in an immediate sale. Lower bids may be considered and you will receive a prompt reply to your bid - usually within 24 hours. All prices assume that the buyer pays the escrow fee at escrow.com

Many of these domains are producing pay-per-click income that helps pay their registration fees.  Some of the domains are redirecting traffic to existing sites, while others have meaningful topical content that adds value. A small number of these domains may be owned by a third party and are brokered by us.  Most are owned by Healing Sites Network, LLC and all are for sale at a fixed price, with the opportunity to place bids at a lower price. All bids will be considered, and any offers at the fixed sale price will be honored immediately.

Any sale can be made through an independent escrow service to protect all parties. You pay the escrow service and they provide completed online "paperwork" for us to sign transferring the domain. We are not paid by the escrow service until you are satisfied with your purchase. Escrow.com provides a totally electronic escrow service. They are recommended by eBay. There is a modest fee for this service. All prices assume that the buyer pays the escrow fee at escrow.com.

Healing Sites Network, LLC does not purchase names in an attempt to sell them back to former owners who have inadvertently abandoned them. This practice, sometimes known as "cybersquatting," is illegal in many jurisdictions, and ICANN has established procedures to allow for resolution of such domain name disputes. There is now a mandatory 30 day period when domains go dormant. This also keeps domains from being inadvertently abandoned. Healing Sites Network, LLC does not send unsolicited bulk email (spam) and does not contact former-owners of domains to solicit sales.

Leonard Holmes, Ph.D.
CEO, Healing Sites Network, LLC

Please email us at 'sales[at]healingsites.net' with any questions.

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Please email domain offers or questions to sales [at] healingsites.net

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