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India Domains
India is emerging as a computer and Internet powerhouse.  With a large English-speaking population, the Internet in India is set to explode.  Some have suggested that the ".in" domain can also stand for Internet or information or even the word "in", but these domains are most useful for companies and organizations in India.

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bones.in $2,000

cows.in $3,000

crawl.in $2,000

eap.in $5,000

epharmacist.in $5,000

medicalschool.in $2,000

medicalschools.in $2,000

mentalhealth.in $4,000

mentalhealth.co.in $2,000

pain.co.in $2,000

pharmacy.co.in $4,000

proxies.in $2,000

psychologist.in $2,000

psychologists.in $5,000

psychology.co.in $3,000

psychology.in $10,000

psychology.org.in $3,000

skip.in $2,000

snip.in $2,000

spine.in $5,000

tourism.org.in $4,000

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